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They were stoned to death by the mob before their bodies were set ablaze. On 9 September, the ADF carried out its first military action, attacking a military base in Besongabang, Manyu. [242] The next day, it was reported that Pidgin journalist Samuel Wazizi, who had been arrested on 3 August 2019 over alleged ties with separatists, had died at a military hospital after being tortured by Cameroonian soldiers. [170] By November 2020, the separatists' manufacturing of weapons within the Anglophone regions had become a serious problem for Cameroon. [190] Due to the escalation, a government-led effort to reopen at least 4,500 schools by 2 September ultimately failed. [23], The name "Ambazonia" is taken from Ambas Bay and Ambozes, the local name of the mouth of the Wouri River. [3] The government has also set up rehab centers in Bamenda and Buea to reintegrate separatists who have surrendered into civil society. [84], The Battle of Batibo was fought on 3 March,[85] producing unprecedented casualties on both sides[86] and forcing over 4,000 locals to flee. The French mandate was known as Cameroun, and comprised most of the former German territory. [278], In their effort to make the Anglophone regions ungovernable, separatist elements have maimed employees at state-owned corporations. They also benefitted from fundraising campaigns (including the introduction of their own cryptocurrency, the AmbaCoin), launched by diaspora activists to purchase guns for the separatist militias. La résidence située au quartier Ntasen, dans le troisième arrondissement de Bamenda, a fait l’objet d’une attaque à la tombée de la nuit du lundi 7 décembre 2020. [59], On 1 October, the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front (SCACUF), an umbrella movement consisting of several independence movements, unilaterally declared the independence of Ambazonia. Separatist losses were estimated to be in the hundreds. Fru Ndi had travelled to Kumbo to attend the funeral of Joseph Banadzem, the Parliamentary group leader of the SDF. [115] This resulted in a very low turnout, as "more than 90 percent of residents" fled violence in some localities; and in many cases no officials showed up to man the polling stations. "[95], Retired American diplomat Herman Jay Cohen has argued that Cameroon's military approach to the conflict plays straight into the strategy of the separatists. Two suspected armed robbers linked to the Atanga Nji Militia have been lynched in Ntamulung in Bamenda for allegedly robbing several elderly people including a retired Presbyterian Church pastor. [183] The lockdown started on 29 July. [20], Limited attempts have been made at negotiating. [51], In January 2017, the Cameroonian government set up a committee to initiate a dialogue with the lawyer activists. [253], By the end of June, The Africa Report reported that Cameroon had largely pushed the separatists out of Buea (although they later clashed with the army there in early-July[254]), where there had been much fighting back in 2018. The IG demanded that the Cameroonian government account for the missing inmates, threatening to impose a lockdown encompassing the entire Anglophone regions if it failed to do so. The results were largely the same, with a marginal turnout and clashes taking place throughout the day. [188], On 20 August, the ten detained members of the IG, including Ayuk Tabe, were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Yaoundé Military Tribunal. Cameroun - Crise anglophone/Pascal Messanga Nyamding (RDPC): «Beaucoup n’ont pas intérêt autour du président Paul Biya, mon maître politique, que cette g 28-Nov-2020 - 08h44 6717 9 La police lance des gaz lacrym - Duration: 6:52. Faced with the Anglophone crisis, the government tried to maintain the status quo. [128] The month also saw the first major spillover into other parts of Cameroon; On 29 November, at least 30 people were kidnapped by ten unidentified gunmen in Bangourain, West Region, and transported with canoes across the Lake Bamendjing reservoir. [50], Two weeks into the protests, more than 100 protesters had been arrested, and six were reported dead. [49] Throughout November 2016, thousands of teachers in the Anglophone regions joined the lawyers' strike. [15] Separatists have also been accused of using schools and churches as military barracks;[283] in July 2019, Cameroon accused the separatists of occupying more than 50 schools. The army has claimed that the soldiers who were filmed were separatists wearing stolen Cameroonian Army uniforms, a claim that has been denied by local residents. “Anglophone crisis” : 1179 articles. Seven armed militias are currently in positions of strength in most rural areas. [259] In addition to expanding the army, the government has supported local vigilante groups, which there were more than 30 of as of October 2019. million population. Generally, the Anglophone constitutes about . Nouvelles révélations sur des exactions en région anglophone depuis 2016 December 9, 2020. [136] Interim President Sako of Ambazonia said that the separatists would switch from a defensive to an offensive strategy in the war, and announced that a Mobile Wing Police would be created to capture territory and defeat government militias. [15] According to an International Crisis Group analyst, by October the war had reached a stalemate, with the army being unable to defeat the separatists, while the separatists were not militarily strong enough to expel the army. [297], The Anglophone Crisis has become a divisive question in Cameroonian politics. Shortly afterwards, a mine killed four policemen and wounded another six,[170] convincing many that the separatists were no longer outgunned, but indeed well-armed. [103] As a response, the Cameroonian Army burned down the village. [252] In early July, Cameroon launched "Operation Ngoke-Bui", a series of raids on separatist camps in Ngo-Ketunjia, in which 17 separatists and at least one Cameroonian soldier were killed. Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Bamenda Stinks Again, Heaps of Dirt Abandoned On Major Streets Par Kiven B. NSODZEFE | Cameroon-Info.Net Bamenda - 04-May-2019 - 17h49 3515 [168] Meanwhile, a leadership crisis erupted within the IG, forcing smaller separatist movements to pick their loyalties. We live in fear and are traumatised by the fighting in Bamenda. The trial was complicated by all the Ambazonian leaders rejecting their Cameroonian nationality, which the court ultimately ignored. BY ATEKI SETA CAXTON. Le lundi 9 Mars n’a pas été jour ordinaire pour les forces de Police de la ville de Bamenda : plusieurs de leurs bases ont été attaquées par des hommes armés. Le 1er portail d’actualités bilingue. This incident was the first of its kind, and possibly indicated that the separatists would take on larger government targets. Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Commercial Motorbike Riders Rise Up Against Urban Disorder, Harassment In Bamenda Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net Bamenda - 01-May-2020 - … Party leader Kah Walla has said that the crisis can be solved by turning Cameroon into a federation. [122] The Ambazonia Self-Defence Council claimed that they not only had nothing to do with the kidnappings, but had also sent its own fighters to try to locate the children. Unconfirmed videos released over social media showed various violent scenes, including the beating of protesters by policemen. [143], January also saw the start of the trials of the Ambazonian leaders, including Ayuk Tabe, who had spent a year in prison. The security forces reacted slowly, but … Between February 2017 and May 2018, at least 42 schools were targeted. The protest escalated into a riot, which was eventually quelled violently. [8], By January 2018, 15,000 people had fled from Southern Cameroons to Nigeria. Two Anglophone lawyers beaten up in Buea – StopBlaBlaCam", "Cameroon teachers, lawyers strike in battle for English", "The Government Just Banned SCNC and Consortium ‹ The Standard Tribune", "JUST IN: Internet Blocked in Bamenda Regions of Cameroon", "Anglophone protests: More pressure from United States' congress", "Cameroon Strike: The United States expresses concern over the loss of life and brutality against anglophone protesters", "English speakers protest in Cameroon, demand equal rights amid calls for secession – News – DW – 22.09.2017", The crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions has turned violent with bombings, Suspected separatist bomb wounds 3 police in Cameroon's Anglophone region, "Cameroon is on edge after security forces opened fire on Anglophone protesters", Cameroon: Anglophone Crisis - Dialogue Remains the Only Viable Solution, "Several killed in Cameroon as anglophones declare 'independent Ambazonia, Cameroonian troops deploy heavily along Nigeria border, "Four Cameroon soldiers killed in restive Anglophone region", Cameroon separatists kill at least two gendarmes as Anglophone dispute escalates, Five Police, Five Soldiers Killed in Cameroon Violence, Cameroon govt forces accused of murder, rape, Cameroon government ‘declares war’ on secessionist rebels, Cameroon's Military Moves In on Separatist-held Villages, After Days of Sporadic Gun Shots In Mamfe: Relative Calm Returns, Massive Exodus, Anglophone Crisis – Seven military personnel murdered in December – ICG says, Cameroonian troops entered Nigeria without seeking authorization, sources in Nigeria say. [229], On 10 May, separatist fighters assassinated the newly elected mayor of Mamfe, Ashu Priestly Ojong,[230] and hours later the chief of the Babeke Telecentre, Kimi Samson, was murdered as well by suspected separatists. A civilian who got caught in the crossfire was also killed. We live in fear and are traumatised by the fighting in Bamenda. The Anglophone Crisis (French: Crise anglophone), also known as the Ambazonia War,[11] or the Cameroonian Civil War,[12] is a conflict in the Southern Cameroons region of Cameroon, part of the long-standing Anglophone problem. [13] This number increased to at least 40,000 people by February. [124] The next day, Cameroonian soldiers ambushed and killed at least 13 suspected separatists in Donga-Mantung,[125] and another 25 near Nkambé the next day. [249] Meanwhile, two explosive devices detonated in Yaoundé, raising suspicions that the separatists were now taking the war to Cameroon's capital; the Cameroonian police had warned about this back in January. Contact us: [email protected], All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Food Market burnt into ashes. The celebrations were boycotted in most major cities in the Anglophone regions, including Buea, Kumbo, Belo, Ndop, Ndu, Wum, Muyuka, Mamfe, Tombem, Mundemba and Lebialem, while there was a comparatively significant turnout in Nkambe. [273], There is photographic evidence that shows a consistent strategy of burning down villages. This territory was organized as British Cameroons. [14] Starting as a low-scale insurgency, the conflict spread to most parts of the Anglophone regions within a year. Cameroun anglophone : retour sur la crise qui secoue le pays - Duration: 1:05. [112], By October, the conflict had spread to most of Southern Cameroons. [203] Cameroon also launched a series of operations in Mezam, Boyo, Donga Mantung, Bui, Ngo Ketunjia and Boyo that would, over six days, force around 5,500 people to flee their homes. Cameroon: Yaounde Vi – Samuel Eto’o Named Citizen of Honour, La leçon politique de Calixte Beyala à Célestin Djamen, Cameroon: List of pioneer Presidents of ten Regional Councils, Biden receives first dose of Covid-19 vaccine from Cameroonian nurse, Annoncé aux arrêts au Ghana, Dr Christopher Fomunyoh sort du silence et déballe tout [INTERVIEW]. The first phase was to build internal capability to resist the Cameroonian Army and raise faith in the cause. While some movements (such as BAMOSD) sought to make Bakassi an independent state, others came to tie their cause to that of Ambazonia. Municipal councilor murdered by equipped separatists December 7, 2020 ... circulation of motorcycles has been restricted to some neighbourhoods of Bamenda. Crise anglophone: Les attaques se déportent en zone francophone ? [198] The separatists also started opening "community schools" across the Anglophone regions, providing an alternative to the government-run schools which they had boycotted for years. 8 millio. [209] January also saw what was possibly the most serious instance of separatist infighting to date; the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces (loyal to the IG) abducted 40 fighters from the Ambazonia Defence Forces, six of whom were subsequently murdered. (2014). [221] However, the danger posed by COVID-19 did not bring about an immediate end of hostilities on the ground; just the day before Sako's declaration, separatists attacked an armored car, killing a soldier and 11 officials, including two deputy mayors. [26], Following World War I and the Treaty of Versailles, Kamerun was divided between a French and a British League of Nations Mandate. [41] The leadership and many members of the SCNC were subsequently arrested. [268], The Cameroonian government has tried to limit the extent of which the conflict affects everyday life in Southern Cameroons, and portrays the war as a battle between chaos and stability in which the government represents the latter. © Copyrights 2019 | All rights reserved. [77] They spent 10 months at a gendarme headquarters, before being transferred to a maximum security prison in Yaoundé. Criticisms of the centralised state. Cameroun - crise anglophone: Bamenda. Federalists Meet Restorationists, Which Group Will Perform The Osmosis? On 3 July, separatists ambushed a military boat carrying 13 Cameroonian soldiers on the Ekpambiri river, Manyu Division. [165] On 30 April, government soldiers killed one person and burned at least 10 houses in Kikaikelaiki, Bui. The Anglophone Crisis (French: Crise anglophone), also known as the Ambazonia War, or the Cameroonian Civil War, is a conflict in the Southern Cameroons region of Cameroon, part of the long-standing Anglophone problem. Bamenda fleeing denizens frustrated but want to travel at all cost. The Anglophone General Conference has been scheduled to hold from July 11-12, in Mankon, Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon. 9 - As of 31 July 2019", Sudanese conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, Sudanese nomadic conflicts (2009–present), Sudanese conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile (2011–present), Communal conflicts in Nigeria (1998–present), Lord's Resistance Army insurgency (1987–present), Eritrean–Ethiopian border conflict (2000–2018), Allied Democratic Forces insurgency (1996–present), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Anglophone_Crisis&oldid=995881283, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from October 2020, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 11:11. [110] On 27 September, separatists forced the police and gendarmes to retreat from Balikumbat, Ngo-Ketunjia. Numerically and materially disadvantaged, the separatists carry out hit-and-run attacks, ambushes and raids. Since most of the individuals had submitted asylum claims,[76] the deportation immediately became controversial, as it possibly violated the Nigerian constitution. [120], In the beginning of November, 79 students and four staff members were kidnapped from a school in Nkwen, near Bamenda. Three soldiers managed to escape, two were rescued, one was found dead after five days, and seven remain unaccounted for. [...] We must try to raise the cost of the occupation to higher than the profits they get here. [83] On 24 February, separatists abducted the government's regional representative for social affairs in the Northwest Region, apparently looking to exchange him for imprisoned separatist activists. World news CAMEROUN :: Crise anglophone: Le domicile du maire de Bamenda II incendié après les élections régionales :: CAMEROON CAMEROUN INFO - CAMEROUN ACTU Tandis que le Premier ministre reconnait à Bamenda l’existence d’un problème anglophone et invite les syndicats au dialogue pour le résoudre, d’autres élites anglophones comme le ministre et secrétaire permanent du Conseil national de sécurité déclarent dans les médias à Yaoundé qu’il n’existe pas de problème anglophone. [208] Following instances of popular uprisings against the separatists in Balikumbat and Babungo, the ADF ordered its fighters to take action against anyone caught terrorizing civilians. [304] In May 2019, the MRC joined the SDF in boycotting National Day celebrations. [105] The Cameroonian Army enjoyed some success in weeding out separatist camps. Pro-independence groups claimed that this violated the constitution, as the majority of deputies from West Cameroon had not consented to legitimize the constitutional changes. Cameroonian General Melingui stated that the separatists have a leverage over the army when it comes to familiarity with the battleground; "They know the terrain. [189] This was followed by a military escalation and a series of lockdowns, crushing hopes that the school year could start as normal in early September. [247] During the four days of fighting, the Cameroonian Army lifted a blockade of the Bamenda-Enugu Road, where rebels had extorted money from travellers. n out of Cameroon’s estimated 20 . [250] Another explosion in the beginning of July wounded two people. Since October 2016, protests and strikes related to sectoral demands have escalated into a crisis over the economic and political marginalisation of Cameroon’s Anglophone minority. This was the first known case of talks between the two warring sides, and was met with international endorsement. We try to seek them out but we can't find them. Cameroun - crise anglophone: Bamenda. The Need for Comprehensive Dialogue and Reform. DeLancey, Mark W., and Mark Dike DeLancey (2000): Nohlen, D, Krennerich, M & Thibaut, B (1999). [77] Samuel Ikome Sako was announced as Acting President on 4 February, replacing Tabe for the time being. Talks mediated by Switzerland in 2019 ultimately failed, and internal divisions among the separatists since the 2019 Ambazonian leadership crisis has complicated the situation. [6] A year later, clearly-defined frontlines had emerged, sometimes with a tacit mutual understanding between the belligerents on who controls which areas; while Cameroon would raid separatist-controlled towns and villages, it would not seek to outright recapture them,[16] focusing instead on securing the major urban areas. Cameroonian authorities have admitted that they have little control over the security situation outside the cities. [101], On 16 August, separatists attacked a convoy transporting a member of parliament in Babungo, Ngo-Ketunjia Department, killing at least four soldiers. In September 2017, separatists in the Anglophone territories of Northwest Region and Southwest Region (collectively known as Southern Cameroons) declared the independence of Ambazonia and began fighting against the Government of Cameroon. More than half the city’s population of about 400,000 have fled their homes in the […] [147] The next day, large parts of Buea were closed down, while armed clashes took place in Muea and Muyuka. It shows the limits of centralised national power and the ineffectiveness of the decentralisation program started in … [96] While casualties related to the battle of Ekona remain unconfirmed, the Cameroonian government later declared that more than 40 soldiers and policemen died in the later half of June across Southern Cameroons. Drawing parallels to the Eritrean War of Independence, he has claimed that the growing bitterness resulting from prolonged warfare will only serve to close the window of opportunity where reconciliation and territorial integrity is still an option, thereby - ironically - increasing the likelihood of Ambazonian secession. Des images inedit en direct chocantes. [23], ongoing crisis in the country of Cameroon, Political, diplomatic and propaganda strategy, Countries and international organizations. The Head of State Paul Biya has ordered the disbursement of FCFA 600 million to provide items to internally displaced… Published on 21.12.2020 by Ariane FOGUEM Life; Cameroon:Ngarbuh massacre case opens in Yaounde today Elections were held in 1954 and the parliament met on 1 October 1954, with E. M. L. Endeley as Premier. million population. International calls for a global ceasefire to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also put pressure on the Cameroonian government. [127] On 28 November, separatists blocked the Buea-Kumba Highway. [6] In June 2019, UNICEF said that 1.3 million people in the Anglophone regions needed humanitarian aid. Transfer of decision-making centres to Yaoundé, far from the Anglophone [191], In September, President Paul Biya announced the Major National Dialogue, a political dialogue that would be held before the end of the month. Cameroon: Looming Ambazonia lockdown sparks exodus from Buea, Cameroon: Confusion looms as Ambazonia faction maintains Fako lockdown, Three separatists, 4 soldiers killed in clashes in Cameroon's troubled Anglophone region, Six killed in anti-separatism military operation in Cameroon's restive Anglophone region, Cameroon:Civilians arrested as security forces raid Buea in search of Ambazonia fighters, Cameroon:Residence of Fundong Mayor burnt by suspected separatist fighters, Cameroon: SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi released after brief kidnap, In Pictures: Soldiers Burn Over 10 House Cardinal Tumi’s Village, Cameroon: UN Security Council to discuss Anglophone crisis, Cameroon:Paul Biya ready for dialogue to end Anglophone crisis, PM says, Cameroon: Sepratist hardliners react after impechment of detained Ambazonia leader, Cameroon:Explosion kills four policemen in restive Anglophone region, Cameroon War Victims: Casualty Figures High Because Fighters Are Well Armed, "Armed Conflict In Southern Cameroons: Ambazonia Leaders Welcome Swiss-Led Mediation Process – Cameroon News Agency", Cameroon: Kidnapped SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi released, Cameroon: Corpse of soldier discovered in Manyu river, Cameroon: Two gendarmes killed in restive NW region, 7 separatists killed in Cameroon's troubled Anglophone region, About 30 passengers kidnapped in Cameroon's restive Anglophone region, Cameroun/Crise anglophone : un soldat et trois séparatistes armés tués dans le sud-ouest, Cameroon: Soldier killed in restive NW region, Cameroon:Calm returns to Buea prison after protest by prisoners, Cameroon: Anglophone detainees missing after Kondengui protests.

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